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DeviantART presents, “Quit Work, Be a Panda”.

This just in! We’ve acquired footage of the irate panda seen earlier on Hollywood Boulevard. Warning: not suitable for people who hate pandas.

DeviantART presents, “Quit Work, Be a Wizard”.

LIVE Otis Interview: Chair of the Fine Arts Dept. Meg Cranston on Thriving in Art School

Ready to learn how to make it in art school? Join us on today at 1:00PM Pacific for our first live art school interview and chat! We’ll be joining Meg Cranston, the Chair of Fine Arts at OTIS College, for a discussion entitled: “How Students Survive (Thrive) In Art & Design School.”

DeviantART and our participating artists had a wicked time at Pacific Festival!

Scott Pagano (`neither-field) created spectacular visual graphic performances between sets on the main stage LED screen. Forest Stearns (=draweverywhere) created a large format piece at the festival entrance.

‎KT McNally (~kpotatodorkk) created a painting of Lady Gaga on a 40x40 canvas. After months of working on it, she says it’s the greatest thing she’s accomplished artistically. Well done, KT!

View the completed painting

Gears of War 3: DeviantART Goes Behind the Scenes!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an artist working on one of the world’s hottest shooter games inside the HQ of one of the world’s most respected videogame development companies?  Ever dream of imagining and creating the alien landscapes and the superheroes and monstrous creatures who inhabit them?

These exclusive interviews only from deviantART at Epic Games HQ with Gears of War producers Cliff Bleszinski and Rod Fergusson and Gears artists Chris Perna, Wyeth Johnson, Shane Caudle and the rest of the Gears artists gang reveal what it takes to make a team of sorcerers to conjure, capture and render pure mayhem for our videogame rapture.  They deliver insight into what their journey was like from when they first realized that art was their only life path and travel all the way up to how they got their current jobs at Epic.

Read the full article

Here’s a teaser video from one of *AimishBoy's shoots. "Swirling" by *AimishBoy, which is part of his "Wonderland" series, was featured in today’s Daily Deviations.

Check out this My Modern Metropolis interview with *AimishBoy.


Introducing the next revolution in beauty… Fotoshop by Adobé!