Here’s a fun chart by ~makani & Simbaga outlining each Harry Potter character’s Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® type! 
*We agree, we’d never pin Ron as an ENFP.





Full-Sized Chart
Character Artwork by Makani
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Does anyone else find it strange that, for a website that is usually pretty good about mental health, Tumblr is somewhat obsessed with the Myers-Briggs Test?Do people like it the way that total skeptics occasionally read horoscopes for shits and giggles?No one really identifies themselves by the MBTI, right?

Tumblr’s also obsessed with absolutes, with defining everything as either Best Thing Ever or Worst Human Ever with no wiggle room for things or people to change, and Myers-Briggs allows for a suitably wide range of combinations that allows everyone to compartmentalize themselves and still be a special snowflake.
Also, seriously? Draco Malfoy as the Strategist/INTJ? If anyone was a strategist in those books it was effin’ Dumbledore.

Whoa there horsey. I don’t have this alleged agenda of putting people in boxes because I think I know who they are better than they do— that would be idiotic, because Myers-Briggs is entirely based on how people see themselves, not how they’re categorized by others. If you take a moment to look at my other charts like this one, you’ll notice that the range of characters falling under each personality type is extremely wide, as are the people who repost them and talk about their type. I don’t just assume that all INTJs are conniving, or that all ENFPs are idiots, or that every INTP is just like Hermione. Pointing out people’s similarities within a certain type is boring and redundant, and exclusively reserved for shallow things like horoscopes and tarot cards. These charts are meant to comment on the individualized nature of these sorts of psychological tests, and how people of completely different backgrounds and preferences can share things in common with characters that are, in reality, wildly different from them in an endless variety of ways.By the way, I’m an ENFP, and I’m almost nothing like Ron. ;)