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Mabelma's Art World: The 10 best Mario characters redesigns on Deviantart


 I went ahead and compiled a list of The 20 Best Mario Characters Redesigns on Deviantart. Hope you like them, if you have one of your own re-blog this post and add your own to it.

Victorian Mario by ibrahx

Mario Redesing by NCredibleCarl

Mario Redesign by NoBrainActivity7068

Pink and Deadly by Obi-quiet

Bowser again :Color: by Serras-Kai

Mario Redesign by MaroBot

Luigi Dealie by stplmstr

Mario 2001 by stplmstr

Bowser Redesign by Virus-91

Mario Dealie by stplmstr

——-A bonus from me to ye——-

Double Dashing Dickery by stplmstr

(they are not mario characters but they are in the mario world and it looks amazing so to me it counts :P)

Wow, great compilation! :)

Defending Hyrule -Link Cosplay by *pikminlink
8bit fatality: Family Business by =wirestyle
The tan that makes heads turn by =TheBourgyman
LoZ - Once friends by *Miyukiko
Nano Squirtle Bottle Auction by =Blackmago
Evening Reflection by ~akuriko


Project 3M

illustration by Adam Limbert :: via

 The “3 Ms of Nintendo” by *AdamLimbert

It’s-uh him, Mario by =AW08

Check it out!
Mario’s Smash Time by ~pegosho


Check it out!

Mario’s Smash Time by ~pegosho

(Suggested by deviantART)


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