Beautiful Creatures Light or Dark Contest Winners

Lena’s transformation is complete! 

The authors of the Beautiful Creatures novels Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia had the difficult task of determining the top five winners from our 25 Semi-Finalists. 

See what the judges had to say about the winning choices!

Winner: Lena’s Tempest by *wylielise

 ”We each chose this piece for the Grand Prize without even    discussing it; We found it to be true to the Lena of our novels as well as the film. We noted the charm necklace, the Chucks, the “Caster breeze” in the dynamic, curling hair, and the “naturalist” element with the doves. Well done!” -Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, Judges



2nd Light: "Lena’s Love" by *camilliette

This piece so nearly won the Grand Prize! The degree of detail in the paper cutting is so incredible, and the single splash of color in Lena’s heart is perfect. Lena is very “Natural” here, but perhaps less dynamic in the piece we ultimately selected for the Grand Prize. Still, well done! -Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, Judges


2nd Dark: "Lena Light or Dark" by *bluespottedfrog 

"So cute, and so Lena. Clutching her notebook while the world turns into chaos around her. We really found this piece to be charming." -Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, Judges


3rd Light: "Lena of the Light" by *Enchantress-LeLe

"The technical detail - as well as the character detail - in this piece was overwhelming. We love the way the light hits Lena’s face, and the charm necklace wrapped in her hair. Bravo!" -Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, Judges


3rd Dark: "Lena - Dark" by *Christina-The-Weird

"We loved the "turning Lena on her head" idea - because so often she does feel like her world is upside down, and like she’s changing into something terrifying. A not very beautiful creature! This one gave us nightmares! Amazing." -Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia, Judges