Abandoned Velma by *nebriniel


Abandoned Velma by ~nebriniel
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“I’ve seen numerous fanarts of Velma, depicting her as some über curvy and sexy and geeky fantasy material… and for some reason, I wanted to draw the opposite - a tubby Velma, an out of shape Velma, a having-finished-with-the-mystery-squad-letting-herself-go Velma… I mean, that happens, right? People get done with what they think are their glory days and kind of just… exist instead of living.So here we have Velma that’s been stood up on a date. I picture this being her first date with that particular guy, but not the first time she’s been abandoned like that.Instead of distress, I wanted to show her as being used to this sort of thing by now - she’s gotten into a habit of bringing a book along with her, even. I would say she never held out much hope for succeeding with the date tonight, but, nevertheless, tried to make herself look nice. She’s not grieving much, as her outlook on the whole situation is rather removed and philosophical after so many failures.